I have so many memories from the Florida Worship Choir and Orchestra NYC Worship Project...  God did some incredible things through our ministry in New York.  Lives were changed, both our own lives as well as the lives we touched during our time there. This is just one of many stories I hope to have the privilege of sharing with you. May it encourage you to step out in faith as you realize that life is a mission field in itself.

One lady stopped me in Times Square after the flash mob to ask if I was a Christian.  I immediately told her I loved Jesus Christ with all of my heart.  She asked me to sing for her.  While I love to sing, I don't typically randomly break out in song in public places!  :-)  This time, I did.  I sang the chorus from a song I wrote years ago titled, "There's Sunshine Awaiting You."  After I finish singing, she got very serious and thanked me, saying she needed to hear that.  We talked for about 30 minutes.  We exchanged contact info and I invited her to the concert at Carnegie Hall the next night.  She called me after the concert to let me know she came and she was blessed by our ministry.

Sometimes, our ministry is at church.  Other times, our ministry is right in front of us, if we only take time to look.  It may be at a ball game, a restaurant, on a subway, at work, or even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Times Square.  She was one of 100,000 people within earshot that night.  If I had rushed off to dinner, I wouldn't have met her.  God knew where I needed to be.  He knew that I had another ministry opportunity, if only I would wait for the exact moment to walk by her table.  I truly believe the Lord guides our steps.  Follow His direction.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with someone.  As one Filipino brother in Christ told me at Christian Bible Church, "It's what we're born to do."

In Christ's Love,

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