Have you ever truly thought about what people see when they look at you?  Do they see someone who is sorrowfully sad or joyfully happy?  Do they see someone who is unfriendly or friendly?  Do you portray someone who is discouraged or contented?  Do they see someone who is a dying disgrace to God’s love or a living testimony of God’s love?

In life, we encounter many obstacles.  There are times when no peace can seemingly be found.  It is in these moments of complete hopelessness, though, that we need to cling on to the hand of God even tighter than before.  He always provides the peace that may seem so elusive.  He is the Prince of Peace.

As Christians, we still encounter trials.  These trials come in many forms.  Even in these times when we are tested, we must stand firm.  The Bible consistently uses the phrase “stand firm.”  We need to stand strong when Satan comes through with his deceptive storms and powerful winds.  We are not to waiver, but to stand strong in the Lord.

Furthermore, we need to remember that we are living testimonies of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world.  When you are at work, do coworkers see your testimony?  Or do you become frustrated easily because someone has not met their deadline, delaying the completion of your own daily tasks?  When you sit in the pew at church, do the other members of the church see your testimony?  Or do you remain focused on the fact that the preacher has preached ten minutes past twelve, which will cause you to lose ten minutes of your afternoon naptime?

It may be true that we should not worry what “they” think.  However, we do need to worry about what God thinks.  How many times have you disappointed our Heavenly Father?  Did you ever skip church, cheat, use inappropriate language, or lie about something or someone?  When was the last time you took five minutes out of your busy schedule to thank Him for waking you in the morning?

One Sunday morning in a small church in Western North Carolina, I had the privilege of hearing a precious man of God deliver his testimony in song.  This gentleman did not seem to care what “they” saw when they looked at him, but at the same time, his living testimony of God’s faithfulness shined for all to see.

Slowly, he ambled up to the platform with some much-needed assistance, as his physical body was visibly not what it once had been.  He stood there, open and vulnerable, and humbly started to sing.  His stance was one that seemed as if he was holding his hands out in front of him, as if reaching up to the Lord as a child would reach up to their father to receive a loving embrace.  The song he chose to sing was “Because He Loved Me.”  He wasn’t concerned with stage presence.  He didn’t worry about anything.  He just sang.

Chills ran up and down my spine.  Goosebumps covered my arms.  There were no musical accompaniments.  There were no special lighting effects.  He was not wearing a designer suit.  He did not introduce the song.  He did not even make eye contact with the audience.  Yet, it was one of the most anointed performances I had ever witnessed.

I had never met this man.  I had never spoken with him.  Nevertheless, through this one song, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was one of the saints of God.  I was completely reassured, that while I have no guarantee that I will see him again on this old earth, I know that I will see him one sweet day in Heaven, worshiping at the throne of God.

This older man does not know of the profound impact he had on my life.  His living testimony reached across the sanctuary and extended beyond the doors of the church.  We should all follow his example and strive to be living testimonies of God’s love.  It doesn’t take fancy clothes.  It doesn’t take renowned fanfare.  It doesn’t take any additional trappings.  All it takes is an individual who is willing to be used by God.

Are you willing to be a living testimony?  Can you reach out to others, using the abilities God has given you?  Do you want others to see Jesus in you?  Step out on faith today.  Share a smile.  Encourage someone.  Spread the joy of the Lord.  Make a difference in the lives of those around you.  I challenge you to let others see a living testimony in your life today!

In Christ’s Love,