Here it is: my first official blog post. It is my prayer that this blog will serve as a means to encourage and uplift at least one person who is going through a difficult time in their life. Although I am only 29 years old, I have walked through many valleys and climbed many mountains. Yet, through every moment of sorrow and every time of joy, God has stood beside me every step of the way. He continues to work in my life, every moment of every day.

On January 2, 1982, Kenneth Lee Campbell and Pamela Suzanne Campbell became the proud parents of a little baby girl..ME! My first few days on earth were rocky, though, as I was born premature and lifeless. Nevertheless, my Mama and Daddy did not lose hope. They did not pray a complicated prayer with formal language. Their prayer was simple. They humbly prayed, “Jesus help.” After the doctors had given up all hope for my survival and began focusing their attention on my mom, my parents tell me that I began to cough like a little kitten. I was alive.

Although there were many difficult times in the weeks that followed, God performed a miracle. The doctors said I would be nothing more than a vegetable, if I even managed to survive. They were wrong. God raised me from the dead, and I am now enjoying my 29th year on Planet Earth. As for me being an illiterate vegetable, they were wrong about that, too. I earned a 4.0 GPA when completing my Master of Science degree in English Education. Let's face it, when God performs a miracle, He does it right!

Philippians 1:6 says, "he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." You see, God began working in my life even before I was born. He knew my mom and dad would endure the biggest trial of their lives when I came into the world. He also knew that the "good work" that He had begun in my life would be completed! My parents prayed and had faith, and God answered by completing the work He had set out to accomplish.

If you are struggling with some aspect of your life, remember that God is not through with you. He is always beside you, always guiding you, molding you, and making you into what He has called you to be. Listen to His still, small voice. God will complete a good work in you, too! It doesn't matter what you are facing, God knows what you are going through. Finances, illness, divorce, cancer, death, anything! He is greater than all of the pain and sorrow in the world. He sees the emotional and physical scars deep within. He knows the pain you bear. Call out to Him today. Pray, "Jesus help." He is waiting to hear your voice. Have faith and stand in awe as God does a good work in your life!

Until next time...God cares about you and I do, too!