Love. Amour. Kj√¶rlighet. Amor. Liebe. No matter what language you speak, this word has the same meaning. Love is truly a universal language, whether it is in the form of a kiss, a hug, or a smile. On February 14th, people all over the world will show their love for others by giving gifts of cards, flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and other special tokens of their admiration. Valentine’s Day ushers in an enormous out-pouring of love between husbands and wives, loved ones, and friends alike. While all of these things are a wonderful part of this chocolate-covered day of love, we need to remember the Greatest Love of all: Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Think about this scripture. The God of the universe gave the only Son that He had just for you and me. He did not just send a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy. He gave His only Son. Jesus died on a cross, enduring excruciating pain and agony, so we could receive the gift of eternal life. Our Heavenly Father loved us so much that He gave a priceless gift. This kind of love is unlike any found on this earth.

We often say we love a particular animal, a food, a place, or some other thing. Personally, I love to travel, I love to bake, I love to write, I love to sing, I love to spend time with my family, and so much more. But this type of love is different from the type of love I show toward people. I love my dad, my grandma, and so many other special people. Yet, even though I love them more than words can express, Jesus loves me more than I could ever possibly imagine.

The love poured out upon us by Jesus Christ is unconditional, no strings attached. He loved us when we were still sinners. When we were unlovable, He loved us. Every moment of every day that we have lived on this earth, He has loved us with His amazing love. Before you were even born, He loved the very thought of you. Still today, He loves you with an everlasting love. Won’t you love Him in return?

Before you go to bed tonight, tell Jesus that you love Him. Thank Him for giving His life for you. Ask Him to come into your heart, so that you can enjoy eternal life. He will fill your heart with peace that passes all understanding. He will restore your joy, even in the direst circumstances. Jesus Christ is the friend who truly will stick closer to you than a brother. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just fall in love with that box of chocolates that someone gave you. Fall in love with the greatest Love of all. Fall in love with Jesus Christ!

In Christ’s Love,