When was the last time you cracked an egg?  Perhaps it was just this morning as you were making breakfast.  Maybe it was this past Easter when you cracked open the first boiled egg that you so carefully decorated with your children.  Or maybe you haven’t cracked an egg since the summer camp where you and your fellow campers participated in an egg toss.  Eggs are a wonderful example of God’s delicate handiwork.  From delicious meals to newborn chicks, eggs end hunger and give birth to new life.  But what good is an egg until it’s cracked?

An egg’s shell is such an intricate container, bearing the perfect size and shape to maintain the egg or chick inside in its proper position and climate.  While this shell serves its purpose well, it is extraordinarily fragile.  The tiniest tap on the shell can result in a crack.  The egg whites start to trickle out.  Soon the egg yolk flows out in one continuous motion.  Soon all that is left is an empty shell, cracked and broken.
In reality, you and I are a lot like this egg.  We have this outer shell that often serves as a shield from physical, emotional, or mental heartache.  Yet this wall that we put up is extremely delicate, just like an egg shell.  Many times, one bit of news can seemingly cause our shell to crack, or even the whole world around us to crumble.
The loss of a loved one, the ending of a marriage through divorce, the suffering of a child who is battling a life-threatening disease, the burden of possible bankruptcy…all of these things can cause our life to go into a tailspin.  When our life takes an unplanned turn such as these, this is the moment our shell is compromised.
Inevitably, the shell cracks.  Everything within us vanishes, leaving us feeling alone, frightened, and empty, just like the remains of a cracked egg.  The raw emotions we have held in for so long begin to ooze their way out of this shell that we have hid in for so long.  But it is only once the shell is cracked that people realize who we really are inside.  They finally get to see the real person who has been hiding in a broken shell.
Inevitably, an egg is useless unless it is broken. You cannot eat an egg unless the shell is broken.  Despite the many comedy routines depicting the “baker” mixing whole eggs into the batter, you can’t bake with an egg that is still in its shell.  Even a chick that is growing inside of an egg eventually breaks out of the shell.  The shell simply serves as a vessel to ingeniously hold the contents inside.  But this shell only holds these contents for a season.  Without first cracking the shell, the egg is essentially useless in its unbroken state.
Similarly, you and I live in another type of shell.  The only question is whether or not you live in a broken or unbroken shell.  Do you hold all of your emotions inside, hoping no one will see the “real you?”  Has there been a time when you said you were “okay,” even though the pain and grief were nearly too much to bear?  Personally, I have been there.  I know what it’s like to live inside of a shell, afraid to let your emotions spill through the cracks.  Let me tell you that you cannot truly enjoy life, constantly trying to patch up the cracks.
I want to encourage you to break out of your shell.  Don’t worry about whether or not the egg yolk and whites spill out.  Allow others to see the real gift that lies inside of you.  Just like a little baby chick hatching from its shell, you can also blossom into a beautiful miracle.  God can take you out of your shell and give you the life you have always dreamed of living.  He’s a specialist when it comes to taking what’s broken and making it whole.  Don’t hide in your shell any longer; embrace a new life with Christ!
In Christ’s Love,