A phone call, an e-mail, a hug, an unexpected gift…sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring true joy into our lives.  While I love receiving gifts on Christmas or my birthday, I’ve always had a special fondness for the gifts I receive for no particular reason at all.  My mom was the same way, always feeling extra special when my dad would bring her flowers on an otherwise ordinary day.  This past week, my dad surprised me twice, once with flowers on Valentine’s Day and again on February 16th, a non-holiday in our home.  As I sit here looking at the beautiful daisies, carnations, and roses currently filling two vases, I cannot help but feel special.  Each single petal serves as a beautiful reminder of my dad’s unconditional love.

This past week was full of surprises, as two dear friends also gave me unexpected gifts.  It wasn’t my birthday; I had nothing to give them.  Yet they each gave me a gift to show me how much they appreciate my friendship.  Both of them gave me something even greater than the gift itself; they each gave me a hug.  Their embrace reassured me that I held value, not just to God but to others as well.  These special people in my life went out of their way to simply let me know that I am loved and I matter.  A small token of their friendship left a huge impression on my heart.
Sometimes, even the smallest gifts leave the largest impression.  Consider the widow in the Bible who gave two small coins as her offering at the temple.  The Bible says they were “worth only a fraction of a penny” (Mark 12:42 NIV).  I am sure some people there laughed at her for putting in such a small amount.  They probably even said she was worthless and should not have bothered to come.  But I am so glad that Jesus was standing nearby.  You see, He knew exactly who this woman was.  He knew every little detail concerning her life, including her financial circumstances.
God’s Word says that Jesus called His disciples over to him.  He wasn’t just going to make a statement for anyone who might be listening.  He made sure that everyone could hear what he was about to say.  Jesus said, “‘I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.  They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on’” (Mark 12:43-44 NIV).
This woman gave all she had as an offering to God.  She did not worry about how much it was, nor was she concerned with keeping one of the coins to herself.  Instead, she found favor in the eyes of Jesus because she gave her all.  She showed her love for the Lord through a small gift, a token of her admiration for the God she so adored.  She didn’t worry about what her friends would think.  She wasn’t concerned with what she would eat or drink the next day.  She was solely focused on giving a gift to the Almighty, a gift that would change her circumstances and the lives of those around her as well.  And Jesus knew that this small gesture was going to bring about a rare display of sincere selflessness.  All it took was a willing vessel and two little coins.
Jesus Christ knows where you stand as well.  He knows if you are hurting on the inside because of grief or depression.  He knows if you are struggling to put food on the table and to keep the electricity turned on.  He knows if you are feeling worthless and unloved.  No matter what you’re facing, Jesus Christ knows.  Not only does He know what you’re going through, but He wants to help you get through it.  All you have to do is take the first step.  Drop those two little coins in the basket.  Don’t worry about what others might do or say.  Fix your eyes on Jesus and be amazed as He does abundantly more than you could ever imagine.  Give everything you have to Jesus, and Jesus will give you everything you need.  Jesus loves you and YOU matter.
In Christ’s Love,