Everyone always says, “A person should…”  Fill in the blank with whatever you like.  Everyone has an opinion on what “people” should be doing.  But my question to them is this: what are they doing themselves?  So many times we get wrapped up in what others think, feel, or desire.  Ultimately, we may even lose sight of what we, ourselves, actually think, feel, or desire.  Instead, we need to ensure that our opinions, feelings, and desires are given to God.  Inevitably, there is only one thing that should be at the top of a person’s to-do list: a person “should” follow Christ.
During our daily routines, we have a myriad of tasks we must complete.  From the simplest, mundane items, such as brushing our teeth and selecting our clothing for the day, to the more complex items, like deciding whether or not we should go to the dentist for a cavity filling, a crown, and/or a root canal, despite the dentist’s recommendation for all three.  No matter what is on our schedule, it seems there are always too many items on the “to-do” list and never enough hours of the day in which to do them.
Still, it is easy to fall into the trap of becoming one of those people who consistently preach, “Do as I say not as I do.”  Now, this could be a positive statement, given the appropriate context in which it is used.  However, there are many times when this statement is not just used, but abused.  For example, a mother may tell her daughter to avoid getting pregnant as a teenager, even though she herself was pregnant at a very young age.  Or a father may tell their son to avoid smoking cigarettes, even though he himself began smoking at the same age of his son and continually smokes a pack or more per day.  Inevitably, children want to emulate their parent’s behavior.  And in the end, the majority of children will follow in their parent’s footsteps, disregarding any verbal instructions that have been given.
As Christians, we need to lead by example.  We need to show others how to live a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ.  They need to see that our lives reflect the light of the Son of the Living God.  He is the perfect Role Model.  People need to be inspired to emulate Christ, as that is what we have been called to do.  You see, it’s not about whether or not you check everything off of your to-do list.  If you do, that’s a wonderful accomplishment.  And if not, hopefully you can complete the tasks another day.  Ultimately, though, there is only one thing that a person “should” do, and that is to serve the Lord with all of their heart.  Whether or not you purchase groceries today or tomorrow will only affect what is on the menu for dinner tonight.  What you do for Christ will affect eternity.
In Christ’s Love,