Today I went to Lowe’s and purchased some pansies and hosta to plant in my garden.  As I browsed through the selection of plants, I looked carefully for the perfect hosta plant.  I wanted one with brilliantly colored green leaves and the symmetrical shape that I desired.  The problem was, every plant had some sort of imperfection.  Each one had a yellowed leaf, a broken stem, or some other flaw in its appearance.  I finally settled for one that was less than perfect, but good enough to plant in my garden.  As I neared the checkout lane, I thought of the way that Jesus Christ has done the same for us.  Even though we are broken, flawed, and less than perfect, He chooses to love us anyway.  We are “good enough” in His eyes.  And in the same way I prepared a placed in my garden for these imperfect plants, Jesus has prepared a place in Heaven for us.

Like the flawed plants, there is not one human being on this earth who is perfect.  God’s Word says that we are all sinners.  We have all fallen short of the glory of God.  In other words, we are not worthy to enter His presence.  But, I am so happy to be able to tell you that Jesus Christ gave His life for every man, woman, boy, and girl, so that our sins could be washed away.  If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, your sins are washed white as snow.  All of your imperfections are erased, gone forevermore.  You do not have to carry around your shortcomings with you any longer.  Jesus wants to take them all away for good.  Just like the plants that will eventually grow into mature, healthy, and blossoming plants, Jesus will help you grow into a pure, beautiful, and beloved individual.

You may be reading this blog thinking, I am too broken.  I am too scarred.  There are things you do not know about me.  Jesus would never love me.  Granted, I do not know what you are going through.  But, I am here to assure you without one ounce of doubt that Jesus loves you unconditionally.  No matter where you’ve been, where you are, or where you are going, Jesus loves you.  He looks down at you and He sees your flaws.  He sees your brokenness.  Instead of overlooking you because of your imperfections, He chooses to love you.  He focuses on your positive attributes, disregarding your faults.  Jesus knows you are good enough.  More than that, He knows you are worth dying for.  You are His child, and He loves you.  He wants to mend your broken heart, strengthen your broken spirit, and restore your broken soul, so that you can enjoy a life full of complete joy.

When full grown, a "broken" hosta becomes beautiful.
Think of the plants.  With God’s loving care, the broken leaves will grow back even more beautiful than before.  The yellowed leaves will soon turn green with adequate water and sun.  And the shape of each plant may not be perfectly symmetrical, but it will reshape itself into the shape that God intends for it to be.  One day, no one will be able to tell that this plant was broken.  Why?  Because I overlooked its flaws and gave it a chance.  Likewise, Jesus Christ can take your broken life and mold it into the life He intends you to live.  There is no life that is broken beyond repair.  Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.  He gave His life, so that every single person on this earth could receive everlasting life.  He overlooked our many flaws and gave us a chance.  There is nothing in your life that will stop Jesus Christ from loving you.  He will take your brokenness and make you beautiful.

In Christ’s Love,